The Model X has Falcon wing doors that open above the roof, this will not allow for any roof mounted cargo box, bag or rack. Skis, Snow boards and fishing rods cant be mounted to the roof. We are working on an accessory rack that will work with our X-Rack Cargo carriers to add these items to the rear receiver slot on the back of our cargo carrier. The X-Wing (Coming soon) accessory rack can also be used as a standalone rack to transport all types of sporting equipment. Bikes, snow, and fishing gear.

All of our cargo racks also feature a mounting point for Deny Cooler locks (sold separately). This will allow you to transport your expensive rotomolded coolers securely locked to your rack.

We hope to make your travels more enjoyable with more room in you car for your family.

Not all situations allow for the convenient installation of roof racks, which can be noisy, impact fuel efficiency in gas vehicles or reduce the range of electric vehicles, and restrict access to indoor parking facilities. Accessing roof cargo can also be a challenge without a ladder or stepstool. That’s why hitch-mounted cargo carriers are a great alternative. They are easy to attach and can be loaded at ground level.

In today’s market, with the availability of premium cars and SUVs, it’s only fitting to have a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing cargo carrier. We offer a range of models to suit different vehicle sizes and cargo requirements. Our racks are designed to fit at the rear of most vehicles when not in use. We believe that once you reach your destination, there’s no need to drive around with a rack on the back of your car. Our UM-One model is ideal for mid-sized to small SUVs, crossovers, and cars, while the UHD-One model caters to larger vehicles.

If you own an electric vehicle (EV), our racks are a perfect choice. Roof cargo can reduce range by up to 30%, whereas a hitch-mounted rack has minimal to no effect on range. Our racks are incredibly lightweight, starting at just 16 lbs. We have even designed a specially shaped rack, the X-One, exclusively for the Tesla Model X, which fits and stores neatly in the lower trunk well.

For owners of Jeep Wranglers, Ford Broncos, or other vehicles with a rear-mounted spare tire, we have the JM-One Combo Cargo Carrier. This model combines the UM-One Cargo Carrier with the XL2 extended receiver tube, perfectly sized to accommodate your spare tire. We paid special attention to ensure that the carrier not only looks great but also features an extra-long receiver tube, allowing clearance for most tailgates with spare tires to open without removing your cargo carrier.

To enhance the functionality of our X-Rack Cargo Carriers, we have developed a line of accessories. These accessories enable you to attach fishing poles, snow and ski equipment, and other items to the rear receiver slot on the back of our cargo carrier.In addition, all our cargo racks come with special slots in the deck to accommodate our Cooler lock bars (sold separately). This feature ensures secure transportation of your expensive rotomolded coolers, locked to your rack.

To keep your gear dry, we offer waterproof cargo bags that are perfectly sized to fit our cargo carriers.

Our aim is to make your adventures more enjoyable by providing ample room in your vehicle for passengers while ensuring the safe and convenient transportation of your cargo.

Our cargo carriers can be stored in the rear of most vehicles when not in use because of its retractable or detachable Receiver Tube.  This is great when you get you your destination and you won’t need to drive around with an empty rack on the back.

Our cargo carriers weigh between 16lbs and 31.5lbs making it easy for anyone to install. Our Cargo carriers feature a sliding or detachable receiver tube.  Our cargo bags flatten down for easy storage too.

All our cargo carriers are made from aluminum which makes them extremely light weight and ideal yet have capacity loads of 250-500lbs.  All racks feature a powder coated finish. Our racks attach with threaded anti rattle hitch pins for a quiet ride.

In stock items ship out in 1-3 days